Multipole Inversion documentation#


The MMT numerical library Multipole Inversion is a Python library to perform numerical inversions of magnetic scan signals on a surface into a single or multiple magnetic sources, which are modelled as physical point sources. Numerical inversions are based on a spherical harmonic expansion of the magnetic scalar potential of every source, from which dipole and higher order multipole moments can be obtained. For mathematical details of the multipole inversion technique please refer to:

D. Cortés-Ortuño, K. Fabian, L. V. de Groot
Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 22(4), e2021GC009663 (2021)
DOI: <>

If you find this library useful, please cite it referring to the paper as:

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You can also cite the library directly using:

  author       = {Cortés-Ortuño, David and Fabian, Karl and de Groot, Lennart V.},
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Please refer to the Tutorial: Basics section.

Source code#

Documentation of every function and class provides more details on the methods and options of the library, these are specified in the API section. You can also check the project’s Github repository.